In the corner of my blog page it says  “a 60 something logs on.”  I get a jolt when I read that.  I don’t feel 60 -something, don’t act 60-something, and don’t dress 60-something. 

Sometimes I get dressed, look in the mirror and think “act your age.” I just can’t do it.  I had one intenet date with a man who held distain for older (yuk) woman who……….and then he pretty much described me.  He then pointed to his ideal who was a woman my age who looked, dressed and coiffed like my grandmother.  Gulp.  He played right into that part of me who wants me to act my age.  Again I just can’t do it and know  there are a number of women in my age group who are like me.

There’s a lot to be said for this age. I find it freeing, not to have to take too much very seriously anymore.  I’m not longer building towards anything.  My main goal in life is to enjoy the day.  It would be nice to be in a relationship, but in so many ways it’s nice to be single.  My time is all my own.  I keep my home the temperature I like. I go to bed and wake up when I want.  When I go to a party or visiting I decide when I should leave. I’m as neat or messy as MY mood determines. 

I know I may contradict myself sometime on this blog.  I think there are times that I would like to be in a relationship, or have a difficult time enjoying the day.  Not feeling 60-something, however, remains constant.